10 Interesting Conversation Topics To Talk About with Anyone


When it comes time to hold a conversation with anyone, from a good friend to a casual acquaintance, you might feel lost as to what to say. If making conversation doesn’t come easily to you, then you should consider using these 10 conversation topics the next time that you are hanging out with anyone.

Technology. This is a great topic because there is always something new going on in the world of technology. You can talk about what you like about it or what you hate about it. You can discuss your hopes for the future of technology and share your frustrations. You might find that the person you are talking to has a lot in common with you when it comes to technology, or maybe you will learn something from them and like it more because of what they tell you.

Favorite Foods/Weird Foods. Everyone loves food, and when you start to talk about some of your favorite food items, or about some weird foods you have discovered, the conversation will flow easily. There are endless foods to talk about, and you will feel relaxed as you discuss this easy topic. Plus, you might discover some new foods that you haven’t tried before.

Animals. From your pets to animals that you love but have never seen in person, animals are always a safe topic. And they are an interesting topic that you can bring up with anyone anywhere because everyone seems to love some type of animal.

Literature and Poetry. You will sound smart when you start asking people about their favorite authors and poets and share yours. And you might even discover a few new books to read when you do this. You can discuss in depth any books that you and the person who you are holding the conversation with share a love for and the conversation will take on a life of its own.

Sports. If you love sports, then you can share about your favorite team with the person you are talking to. Or, if you despise sports, then you can get into a lively conversation about why you do. Sports talk can be interesting as long as you are willing to hear what the person you are talking to has to say about them.

New Trends. There are always new trends in the world, from fashion trends to food and technology trends. You can talk about all of the new trends that are out there and discuss whether or not you like them. You will learn a lot about the person you are talking to when you discuss some of the new slang terms and hairstyles that are out there. You can discuss the things that you like and dislike and see if they feel the same way as you.

Music. This is always a good topic because pretty much everyone loves some kind of music. And you will have an endless supply of things to say as you talk about everything from instruments you played when you were young to the bands you like to listen to now. You can talk about the concerts you attended and the singers you would like to meet, letting the person you are talking to really get to know you and your love for music.

Nature. You can talk about everything from the flowers that are growing outside your home to the way that you feel about the changing seasons. You can discuss how you feel about the environment and whether or not you have a green thumb.

Your Childhood. When you feel like you are running out of things to say you can always take it back to your childhood. Talk about the toys that you loved as a kid. Talk about your old hometown or your parents. Talk about the park where you played and how things have changed since you were young. You will bring up good feelings when you talk about your childhood and you will keep the conversation going as you share story after story.

Vehicles and their Alternatives. If you are a fan of cars, then it should be easy to talk about vehicles. Or, if you are big into biking to work instead of driving, then you can share your feelings about that. No matter what mode of transportation you use, you can talk about it. And you will have fun as you find out about the type of vehicle the one you are talking to likes best.

There are many topics that you can use the next time that you find yourself in a position where you need to talk to someone, whether for a short time or a long conversation. And you will start up something interesting when you bring up any of the ten topics listed above.