Shift Shop is for anyone that wants to ramp up their fitness fast. In three short weeks you progress from basic 25 minute workouts to advanced 45 minute routines – all while honing your nutrition for optimal results.

Ready to reinvent yourself? Here’s your chance. The SHIFT SHOP is Chris Downing’s breakthrough rapid-rebuild program that helps anyone of any age or fitness level see maximum results in minimal time. People who enjoy athletic activities—who want to become leaner, faster, stronger.

This is a three-week ramp-up fitness program consisting of strength and cardio workouts. And although they’re challenging, this is a program that anyone can do. For the strength workouts, you just need your bodyweight and a set of dumbbells.

Beachbody is a leader in the field of at-home fitness routines. Not to be outdone, the company hit the ground running with a new program Shift Shop. It releases this year, but we wanted to take a closer look at the product details, scientific research, and specifications of this workout plan.

Men and women of any age or fitness level who want to get fit and lose up to 10 pounds fast. Anyone trying to reach his or her next level of fitness.
Graduates of beginner programs, such as 21 Day Fix?, who want to try a more intense program like P90X?, but aren’t sure if they’re ready. The SHIFT SHOP is the perfect bridge to get them ready in just 3 weeks.

Chris encourages you to envision what you want to look like and accomplish THAT. He takes the most results-driven training methodseffective for everyone from pro and amateur athletes to the everyday gym-goerand tailors them to help you achieve a significant total-body transformation. This includes shorter workouts with exercise intervals that help you burn calories fast, and lose fat, while still increasing your strength.

Shorter 25-minute workouts that promise to help you stay focused and committed, without burning out. From a nutrition perspective, you’ll eat a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and fat.

Chris Downing’s Shift Shop Workout is billed as a three-week rapid rebuild that uses proven strength and conditioning techniques, active agility training, and core-focused abdominal routines to help “shift your body into the next level of fitness.”

You start out easier and then the strength-training workouts progress for a longer period of time week by week — all while refining your nutrition. You might not notice any change in intensity or pace because you will be having so much fun getting fit to notice.

Because of Chris’ “ramp-up” method, and because there’s an incredible modifier to follow, anyone can use the SHIFT SHOP to reach his or her next level of fitness:
Men and women of any age or fitness level, Beginners looking to start their fitness journey, Graduates of Beachbody beginner programs, such as 21 Day Fix, and people of intermediate fitness levels who want a bridge toward more extreme workouts.

There is never going to be a 3 week stretch where you do not have temptations or events that are going to present challenges. We had friends over on Friday night and opted for La Croix and Strawberries vs cocktails and then on Sunday it was Mother’s Day and we had to pass on the cake, pie and chocolate covered strawberries.

So in 3 short weeks you progress from basic 25 minue workouts to advanced 45 minute routines, all while honing your nutrition for optimal results! And we will be running this test group will be for 6 weeks (2 rounds) for an ultimate transformation!

Shift Shop Workout:- With regards to building up a more grounded, firmer, and more alluring figure, some of the time the best technique is to discover a wellness schedule that functions admirably and that steadily enhances its force levels after some time.

When it comes to who can use this program that is pretty much anybody. It claims to take you on a gradual ride each week that ups the intensity. So you will be adding 10 minutes to your workouts each week but also eating less starchy carbs to increase that fat burn.

Shift Shop is a new 3 week jump start workout program launched by Beachbody (Trainer: Chris Downing) and has 3 Cardio and 3 Strength Workouts. Each week the workouts ramp up and the nutrition changes accordingly.

Unlike programs like insanity that double in the second half of the workout, this will help people stick with it until the end. It doesn’t matter where you came from. Or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself. When you have someone like Chris Downing to train you- someone who genuinely cares about you and your goals then the sky is the limi.

Beachbody on Demand for One Year. You’ll be able to stream The Shift Shop online and ALL workouts that Beachbody has created in the past and whatever workout Beachbody creates for the rest of the year.

Programs that slowly increment their force levels are perfect since they empower you to test yourself and to advance through your exercise routine and wellness levels. Obviously, finding such a framework isn’t generally simple – the uplifting news is that this survey may have quite recently the correct suggestion.

So I can only speak for the bracket that I am currently in. This is part of the shredding process. It is about cutting those carbs, increasing your good fats and protein and leaning out!!! I just have to be more mindful of when I need the carbs. Truthfully my carb is going to come at dinner time vs lunch because that is where I tend to tank the most.

The SHIFT SHOP is the first Beachbody program from SUPER TRAINER Chris Downing. In only 3 weeks you can lose 10 lbs. and get where you want to be. Chris Downing is an elite functional fitness trainer who specializes in helping everyone, no matter your weight, age or size get into amazing shape fast. What can you expect from this program after just 3 weeks?

Chris refers to it as a ‘rapid rebuild’, meaning that you’ll get results FAST with a combo of cardio, strength & agility training. It will combine a brand new nutrition plan (more on that later) and 3 weeks of workouts to challenge and change you.

Ready to reinvent yourself? The SHIFT SHOP is a breakthrough rapid-rebuild program that helps you see maximum results—regardless of your age or fitness level—in just 3 weeks. There is definitely a shift going on in the Mitro house this week.

It doesn’t matter where you came from. Or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself. And when you have someone like Chris Downing training you—someone who genuinely cares about you and your goals—the sky’s the limit. In 3 weeks, he’s going to take you from where you are now toward where you want to be.

Matt and I also were asked to be in the actual Coach Test Group for the Shift Shop Workout. So starting Monday May 8th Matt and I will be doing 2 rounds of the Shift Shop and following the nutrition plan to the T. 

The first concern was the cost of Shift Shop, considering it’s a three-week program. While the program isn’t available yet, some customers pointed out the price and concerns with a product available from Beachbody On-Demand.

We will be sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat our journey together. So make sure you follow us for updates, meal plans, recipes and the real reviews of what we think!

You don’t need to worry about plateauing, because just when you think you can’t possibly do that last rep, Chris will get two or three more out of you. Anything Is Possible. Because we’re shifting your mindset as well as your body, you’ll be able to build on these achievements for the rest of your life.

Jumpstart your cardio with 1-minute intervals designed to work your entire body and make you break a sweat. Build a strong foundation with easy-to-learn 1-minute intervals of resistance movements designed to set you up for success. Intensity increases as does the formations.

This workout was designed to improve your agility, build your stamina and burn more calories. By combining the foundational moves, the intensity ramps up creating new challenges as you continue to get stronger.

Very excited for the Shift Shop, as I was in a fitness rut, and need a kick in the butt! I am modifying the meal plan a little, but pretty much doing it closely!

The SHIFT SHOP fitness program is an excellent option for all fitness levels if you want to achieve results, stay healthy and have some fun as well. The program is moderated by Chris Downing in a carefully planned series of workouts.

There is no special secret when it comes to the effectiveness of the Shift Shop nutrition plan. You give your body the healthy foods it needs to perform at its highest level. This is what will change your body composition to that of an athlete.

Matt and I accepted the challenge to participate in a 6 week coach test group for the yet to be released (In July) Beachbody Fitness program called The Shift Shop. It is so much more than helping you get fit and lose weight. It’s about shifting your body and mind to a place that allows you to reinvent yourself.

Adding in the Beachbody? PT Sandbag or a dumbbell, this workout features 3 rounds of calorie-scorching drills, designed to shift your endurance levels into high gear. To get the most out of your 3-Week Rapid Rebuild, you have to stay on track.

I need to keep this open and honest, if you purchase this program from my website, Beachbody pays me 25% of the sale. However, I always keep my reviews and opinions unbiased. I’m not here to make a sale. Or maybe I am selling you a better life. Maybe I am making a sale. You decide.

By streaming the SHIFT SHOP Beachbody? On Demand, you’ll always have fast-click access to every workout, modified versions of every move, and all the nutrition plans you need to shift from the body you have to the body you want.

Where the Shift Shop Nutrition does not allow you to have any treats or cheats. This is a 3 week rapid results program which means that there are no cheats or treats. Do not let that deter you. Do not let that keep you from starting the program.

For the cardio workouts, you use the Beachbody Agility Markers as directional targets to help improve your reflexes and coordination. There’s also a nutrition plan paired with the workouts that gradually decreases your consumption of starchy carbs, to test your resolve and to push you to rethink your relationship with “comfort” food.

Even though in week two I cut back on 1 carb and 1 fruit a day, I increase my greens and proteins. I love a plan that I can still be creative with and DON’T feel deprived.

Eating healthy and following beachbody’s meal plans doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself from all the things you love… just need to learn new ways to adapt some of your favorite meals to clean them up a bit!

The data comparing Shift Shop to other Beachbody programs actually surprises me quite a bit. That is why data is SO important! Overall, Shift Shop comes in as one of the “easier” ones via heart rate analysis given relatively lower calories burned, average heart rates, max heart rates and workout zones. With that said, Shift Shop is NOT easy.

As the program clarifies, you’ll have the capacity to lose a genuine measure of weight in the brief timeframe outline so you can accomplish a superior and more unmistakable figure effortlessly.

Regardless of where you’ve come from, where you’ve been, or your weight, size, or age, this program claims to gradually ramp up your fitness and refine your nutrition to help you get into amazing shape fast. In other words, each week’s workouts are 10 minutes longer and you’ll eat fewer starchy carbs, so you’ll definitely need to challenge yourself.

CRAZY results. This 3 Week program will make your body leaner, faster and stronger. And because Chris Downing will help shift you toward a healthier MINDSET, you’ll build on these results month after month, year after year, FOREVER.

There were also a couple funny moments… one was when one of the cast members was showing up Chris on some yoga pose and he warned her that it will quickly turn into a pushup challenge if she doesn’t check herself.

The other is when he is doing some back/shoulder workout and emphasizing posture, making a comment that you don’t want to walk around with bad posture looking like you need a V8. Ha!

Matt and I will also be hosting the very first accountability and support group for the Shift Shop Workout Program in July 2017. The program launches July 17th which means we will kick off our Shift Shop Accountability Group on the 31st of July. We will walk you through meal planning, food prep, mindset, modifications, daily accountability and support.

Introducing Beachbody’s The Shift Shop from their new super trainer, Chris Downing. This is an agility workout program that features the most results-driven training methods to help you get fit and lose weight in just 3 weeks!

I am PUMPED to be able to participate in Beachbody’s Beta test group and offer you first hand experience and tips to guide you through the program when its officially released to the public July 2017!!!

Hopefully this post has given you some good ideas of how to create a meal plan for the week for Shift Shop. I know you’re probably not going to like all of the foods or how I designed the sample, so I wanted to also provide you with blank templates that you can use below to design your own plan. 🙂

Since it’s also great for all fitness levels, if you have a lot of weight to lose, Shift Shop will be your on-ramp to fitness. If you’ve spent some time away from your regular routine, Chris will lead you through a fitness tune-up. As a result it’s perfect for anyone who wants an easy commitment to jump-start their regimen.

Chris cranks up everything for the last time, ultimately shifting your body from the one you had 3 weeks ago to one that’s significantly faster, stronger, and leaner.
Because the program is just 3 weeks, you can easily fit it into your schedule. This is your shift. The one you’ve been talking about.

While we’ll have to wait until July 12th, 2017 to learn all the details about Chris Downing’s Shift Shop Workout, from what we’ve learned, it seems like the interval-based exercises and increasing carbohydrate restriction it utilizes could certainly help you lose weight and improve your fitness over the course of three weeks.

Chris Downing’s clients pay well over $100 an hour to get rapid results. You could try that, too. Instead, you can join Beachbody On Demand for less than that, and get unlimited use of the SHIFT SHOP, plus hundreds more fitness and nutrition solutions, all year long.

I have been selected by Beachbody to run an official test group. In this test group, I will be testing the workout and nutrition plan by recording my journey and keeping track of weight, inches, and confidence gained!

Starting out you will only be getting into 25 minute workouts that will enable you to get caught up on your body and zero down on the workout exercises. Getting right into the macros with the protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

It is much easier to keep up with the fitness program when you know and understand how many carbs, proteins, and fats you should have. I also like that the meal plan offers you a grocery list to go with your sample Shift Shop meal plans to match various fitness ambitions.

Those who enjoy athletic activities and want to become leaner, faster, stronger — as well as former high school and collegiate athletes who want to get back to where they were, Anyone who wants to achieve significant results quickly.

He makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind too which is definitely the TRUTH! It’s about believing in yourself, not letting your past define you because you are not going that way. Look forward, chin up, let’s change your body, your mind and your health for good.

I believe overall some of the numbers are lower on average given the significant amount of time spent on instruction in this program as well as the three ab/core/mobility workouts.

I would also say that the resistance workouts did not push me as hard as some of the other resistance workouts in the Beachbody catalogue (e.g., Body Beast, P90X3). This is clearly more of a performance based program along the lines of Insanity Asylum and 22 Minute Hard Corps.

If the time has come to jump-start your metabolism, consider adding a supplement to your workout program. One that contains clinically-tested ingredients and backed by positive user reviews.

Over the course of 21 days with the Shift Shop Workout program, can you expect to lose 10 pounds, as claimed on the website? Will you be able to maintain motivation and reach your goals? Are there any important considerations to keep in mind?

To begin with, the Shift Shop is a workout program designed and led by Chris Downing, a renowned personal trainer. The official website describes the program as being more than simply a workout. Rather, it facilitates shifting one’s mindset and body to a place that allows for reinvention.

Just like in the workouts – try before you modify! Remember the saying for this diet is “food is fuel.” If you want to get the best results, try your hardest to stick with it.

While picking a program, it is constantly vital to consider whether the framework is designed for your requirements. Luckily, with regards to the Shift Shop Workout 3-Week Rapid Rebuild, the program functions admirably for men and ladies of any age, wellness levels, and foundations.

Notwithstanding whether you have years of wellness experience added to your repertoire or are only a newcomer, you’ll observe this framework to be an extraordinary alternative for your necessities.

To begin with, the Shift Shop is a workout program designed and led by Chris Downing, a renowned personal trainer. The official website describes the program as being more than simply a workout. Rather, it facilitates shifting one’s mindset and body to a place that allows for reinvention.

The pace in the first place is ease sufficiently back to acquaint you with every one of the moves and the continuous increment empowers you to stay aware of the framework so you can advance without losing pace.

Beachbody’s Shift Shop workout program brings max results in 3 weeks! We’re so excited!! The new agility and strength workout promises your motivation, mindset, and body will be transformed no matter where you are starting from. It’s also with the super trainer, Chris Downing who is so inspiring.

As with all of the programs I use and help my clients use, you can see how to go to your max performance. And if you are just starting out there is a modifier to show you how to make the moves right for your fitness level.

This unique component of SHIFT SHOP helps you reach your goals by gradually training your body and mind for moves that increase in difficulty, and workouts that increase in length and intensity.

The workouts last between 25 and 45 minutes. You’ll exercise six days a week, for a total of three weeks. There is a modifier for those just starting out and wanting to keep up with the core program. The cost of the program is $59.85 if purchased individually.

Because the program is just 3 weeks, you can easily fit it into your schedule. This is your shift. The one you’ve been talking about. You can do this. Also, combine is extremely fun and challenging as you simulate NFL combine work with sprint, high lateral knees through markers and plyo pushup jump knee tuck, then back.

It’s great for all fitness levels. If you have a lot of weight to lose, Shift Shop will be your on-ramp to fitness. If you’ve spent some time away from your regular routine, Chris will lead through a fitness tune-up. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an easy commitment to jump-start their regimen.

The Simple Shift Nutrition guide is compatible with the Portion Fix container system. Based on your current weight, you will be assigned to a category according to the Shift Shop meal plan that dictates how many servings of each category (carbs, vegetables, protein, etc.) you can eat every day.

20 minutes of focused stretching to alleviate tightness and get you ready to continue the Shift. Equipment required: Towel.

No sitting idle. The SHIFT SHOP is all about fast results. In 4 simple steps, this guide will help you start achieving your goals on Day 1. After the first week your body should be quickly adapting to the exercises. Now we start to rev it up with 35 minute routines. Macros change a bit bring the unhealthy carbs down and upping your veggies and protein intake.

Another positive quality to this program is that it gives you fast and amazing outcomes when you work it into your way of life and tail it as coordinated. For this situation, the program clarifies that in only three weeks, you can lose up to 10 pounds.

With this sort of approach, you’ll have the capacity to “go from where you are currently to where you need to be.” Very couple of program child the market furnish you with such dazzling results in an only a brief span outline.

My workout on Monday last week also suffered due to my poor nutrition prior to the start of the program. I powered through the first two days and by Wednesday of last week I was feeling more energetic and my workouts were starting to pick up again. I felt like I could really give it my all and was dripping sweat by the end of the workouts.

The all-new SHIFT SHOP is a breakthrough rapid-rebuild program that can help your customers, regardless of their age or fitness level, get leaner, faster, and stronger in only 3 weeks — and when combined with the proper nutrition and support included within a Challenge Pack, your customers will have the total solution (Nutrition + Fitness + Support) for maximizing results — and maintaining them.

According to the program’s website, Chris’s results-driven methods can be effective for everyone from beginners to gym rats, using short interval workouts that can deliver results fast.

YES! As I always say, I am not going to lie, most if not all of these programs will work if you follow them, especially the nutrition guide and discipline. I know this from my personal experience as well as the experience of thousands on my Team across the World over 8+ years already. Shift Shop is ANOTHER tool in the toolbox for achieving your health and fitness goals.

As the creator of the Shift Shop program, Chris Downing is a personal trainer that takes an engaging, motivation-based approach to helping clients increase their physical and mental strength. I am so stinking excited that Beachbody has officially announced its newest fitness program called Shift Shop by Chris Downing. He has created a 3 week rapid results program to help you rebuild your body and reinvent your life.

The 21 Day Fix workout was the first workout program I ever tried and it got me amazing results. Along with the help of Shakeology, I was able to lose over 120 Pounds! Fortunately, as Spartan as this diet becomes, you still can indulge in Shakeology to help you get the extra protein and nutrition your body desires. Plus, it helps fight cravings and keeps you satisfied.

At last, the BeachBody Shift Shop Workout might be exactly what you have to get your body, psyche, and wellness levels on track. With this high caliber and compelling system, you’ll be well on your approach to building up a body that you can feel awesome about. To arrange and to begin, simply visit the Beachbody site in July.

Before finding Beachbody, I was a total mess… I weighed 300 pounds!… Had NO Energy…. Didn’t care about life… And was being a horrible mother and wife… Chris likes to think of it as trying to get to the top of a mountain. “You work an additional 10-minutes per workout each week, and you want to get to that final week – the mountain top of the program,” he says. “

There are several SHIFT SHOP Challenge Packs your customers can select from (see options below). 6 days a week to workout with one day rest. Some may see as positive others negative. Workouts: Since there are new workouts every week some may get annoyed learning new workouts every week.

Shift Shop is centered around ‘ramping-up,’ which involves an easy start with gradual increases in cardio and strength-training intensity each week (six workouts per week). So how did I do in 50 minutes of Speed 45 (again, cooldown included)?